Packing & Storage

  • Our storage units are not climate-controlled. Unheated storage is subject to temperature extremes and condensation. Use pallets on the floor to allow air to circulate. Do not place items directly against the walls, especially outside walls. Consider using a moisture absorber.
  • Wood furniture should be covered with a blanket or cloth rather than plastic. Stand sofas on end on a pallet to save space.
  • Store mattresses in mattress storage bags, and stand on end on pallets. If furniture is stacked, use pads, blankets, or towels between items to prevent scratching.
  • Pack books in small boxes because of their weight. Important papers should be packed in sealed plastic bags. Label boxes so that important items can be found when needed.
  • Pallets or wood strips on the floor will maintain air circulation around your goods. Place large, heavy items toward the back of the space, and stack lighter items on top.
  • Do not store combustible items such as paint, thinner, or fuels. Perishable items should not be stored. In cold climates, do not store items that might break if frozen in non-heated storage.
  • Do not store food items in boxes or plastic, as rodents may be attracted and can chew into them.
  • Your belongings are NOT insured by CARLSBORG SELF STORAGE. Check with your homeowners’ or renters’ insurance company to see if they cover stored goods, or purchase separate insurance, if you want this protection.